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We must show humanity and integrity

January 25, 2017

Nothing will be achieved until humanity starts showing integrity.
There is no consistency with boundary lines, ethics or codes and very little accountability.
Double standards, ‘smoke and mirrors’, a lot of ‘drama’ all in the name of politics (which has lost it’s true purpose yet again.. in my mind a LEADER should protect the lives and interests of ALL the people of his country and in general should set the lives and welfare of the community before his own needs.)
As for racialism and hate born out of pain..
If you are in a toxic relationship and go for therapy, one is taught that in order to heal and move forward one has to learn to forgive the perpetrator and let go.. yet many of the people in power in our country use peoples pain to manipulate damaged people instead of helping the healing process.. all in the name of power.
Then there are questions of simple mathematics.. let us say that you have a dam supplying water to a community and you expand housing exponentially over a short period of time.. but do not equally expand on dams.. well you do the maths.. We need better planning!
Burning schools, artwork, libraries.. destroying statues.. what is really being achieved?
Soon all the people seen to be to blame will all be six feet under (my parents are, yet my mom stood with the Black Sash movement, many people were not proud of what was going on in SA at the time).
So my question is who will be blamed when everyone to blame is six feet under?
As for the law of our land, it is not even black and white it is green, as in many circumstances it is ruled by money. Money makes law and law protects money and lawyers protect the people with the money often.
So where to from here.. free education and when students qualify as teachers, lecturers etc. will strike for the highest salaries.. and if this doesn’t qualify for a dysfunctional society?